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An operative characteristic of the Order of the Torus is that it welcomes practitioners from all experience levels. Whether today marks the inception to your spiritual journey or you’re a seasoned magus who wishes to know novel techniques, I write this post about some basics to magick (spelled “magic” or “majik,” etc. depending on your particular lexicon).






Chapter 1 of Liber Umbri Ex Ordinem De Torus

The above link to a PDF is a chapter from a grimoire I began writing but was cautioned not to publish by a group of angels. This chapter has no dangerous knowledge. It is entirely for self-defense purposes.

The world of magick can be incredibly dangerous. It is important to make casting the circle (at the very least) a part of your everyday routine. When you wake up, you should cast a circle, just as you have other habits in the morning (e.g., going to the bathroom, getting dressed, brushing your teeth). Grounding your energy into the Earth is also an important habit to acquire, but not nearly as vital as casting the circle.

Why? Because, whether you believe demons are separate beings or psychological constructs, the circle prevents you from being influenced by maleficent forces. Have you ever drove on your commute to work or walked a long period of time or went about some tedious task only to wonder where a chunk of time went? In the example of driving a vehicle, you may be 15 minutes from your point of arrival after embarking on an hour long journey. You may ask yourself, “How did I get here?” You were day-dreaming, while your subconscious mind did most of the routine work. You would only be pulled into lucidity if a truck tried to merge into your lane or a car honked its horn near you.

In the same way, demons can affect you even if its on a subconscious level. You may exercise a rash choice in the heat of emotion because you allowed demonic interference. The circle is a protective bubble that prevents this from occurring.

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