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I never imagined the first article for the Order of the Torus would be a mission, but I am happy to say everything went incredibly well. With only the power of two magus, a goddess tulpa was born and even may have played a role in Russia deciding to pull out of Syria–which was the tension that I feared would cause a nuclear war to break out. I imagine a future where many more people will come together and do fantastic things for the benefit of the world.




The real purpose of the Order of the Torus is both an experiment and a longing for fraternity without any initiations, without hierarchy, without contesting egos. I want to be part of an Order where every member is both a teacher and student, where beginner and experts alike sit as equals in respect, where healthy and well-mannered debate will solve questions of morality and inspire new techniques of magick. I created Tulpamancy and my own system of magick, and I know others have and will as well. The Order of the Torus has millennials in mind, as well as the elders. It takes from the philosophies of democracy, anarchy, and egalitarianism. It is unlike any order to have ever existed, as far as I can tell. This begs the question: Is the absence of any similar magickal organization an indication of a void that ought to be filled or a futile exercise of repeating a mistake long-ago understood as naive and borderline irresponsible.

Membership into the Order of Torus is as easy as registering in the forums. Any member may post there. The main page, that you’re currently on, is the “Journal” of the Order. The admin of the journal and forum will not be revealed, other than to say it is a team of individuals that the creator of the Order knows personally. That role will not be entrusted to anyone else. The author of an article may credit their on-site alias (the username in the forum). I am choosing not to identify the admin’s identities or the identity of the creator of the site and Order (me) because I want us all to be treated as equals.

When membership reaches a reasonable mass, I would like to see community discussion on our forum posting and article commenting guidelines for members. Essentially, I’m asking for a democracy to decide the Constitution and/or a Modus Operandi Charter. If enough time goes by without the influx or membership or discussion, the few members will create one in the meantime to perhaps revisit if conditions change.

Since the membership of the site is relatively low, it might be too easy for someone to connect the dots of who the founder and admins are, so I’m going to include some basics for beginners in lieu of crediting my forum username to an article this early. (All three terms were briefly covered in the first mission).

Casting a circle

You should always have protection on many levels. I personally always carry a firearm everywhere I go. Likewise, I always surround myself in a protective field that many refer to as “the circle.” I do invite my guardian angels to protect me at times (and have, on occasion, called on my patron gods and goddesses). You can add layers to this “force” field, if you’d like. I have many shapes that reinforce the outside of my perfect sphere, including a torus.


The Earth is an enormous, self-recycling capacitor that allows us to send unwanted energy and receive desirable energy from the heart of our planet. Sitting down works best for beginners. (There are many permutations and unique takes on this action). Feel your spine sink deep, down into the Earth, past the crust, the soil, the rock, the lava, down into the geo-dynamo, the center of Earth. Feel yourself connected to it (or her, if you’d like). You can now send down unwanted energy and receive desirable energy.

Prana Ball

You are an energy being inside a biological, physical vehicle or suit. As you breath, not just oxygen circulates your blood stream; not just white blood cells rush down your lymphatic veins, not just ion-electric signals push your nervous system; prana/chi/ki flow through your meridian channels. This is your energy, and it can be boosted by outside energy sources such as the Earth, the wind, the humidity, sun light, the moon, et cetera. Project out your energy into a prana ball inside your palms. As I said in the Mission One article, you can saturate up to certain centers and block energy until it pools–to your shoulders, to your elbows, then so on and so forth to your palms. Release it. You’ll feel the energy and see it with your third-eye if you’re successful. If you get the hang of it fast (or you’ve been at this for some time), then you may see slight disturbances in the air that you’ll catch with the naked eye.


I hope this information has been helpful to some of you. I’m excited for a day when many articles are being published in this journal that won’t be authored by me. Some choice witches and warlocks and myself will edit and moderate all submissions, but this Order truly belongs to those who put energy into it.

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